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Roundtable „Inclusion-concerns and perspectives“

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okrugli stoUnion SUMERO in cooperation with the Association of special teachers from Canton Sarajevo, organized in May 2011 a roundtable to the subject „Inclusion-concerns and perspectives“. The project was supported by the Federal Ministry of Education.

The reason for holding a round table is to give an analytical overview of inclusive policies and practices in the education system in BiH. How to successfully implement the process of inclusion is the question which we in this round table attempt to answer.

15 апр 2018 ... vulkan автоматы аппараты. чтобы начать играть - пона. Roundtable on "Inclusion - concerns and perspectives" is a timely and responsible move by Union SUMERO in order to review the current situation in the field of inclusion and the ways in which an inclusive process can and must improve. All relevant officials (politicians, government officials, most experts) are for inclusion, however, that how to successfully implement it is a major challenge.

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