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Kosovo: The advocacy organizations, dedicated to promote human rights of people with mental disabilities

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29th of June 2012: The advocacy organizations, dedicated to promote human rights of people with mental disabilities, Kosovo Mental Disability Rights Initiative (K-MDRI), published the report: PRACTICING UNIVERSALITY RIGHTS: Analysis of the implementation of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in view of persons with intellectual disabilities in Kosovo.

More specifically, this report gives an overview of the analysis of legal framework and practice in relation to the four articles of the Convention: equality before the law, living independently in the community, education, labor and employment. The report has been produced with the financial assistance of the EU and of the Czech Republic within the framework of the Czech Development Cooperation program.  

How can i make some money now best casino in kansas city area click this here goda.org.uk . Casinomobilegames.com: trendy media people love apple's products. According to the research finding, Kosovo public institutions have demonstrated a lack of successful initiatives for establishing long-lasting and consolidated mechanisms for ensuring equal and fair access to their rights by people with disabilities. People with intellectual disabilities in Kosovo have limited opportunities for pursuing their rights and enjoying fair and equal access to public services. They face challenges in all areas of life, including making decisions about their lives, being eligible to vote, education, leading an independent community life, and access to the labor market. Although Kosovo legislation provides a considerable foundation for integrating disabled people in social life, there is a remarkable deficiency in applying these possibilities in practice.
One of the panelist at this event, Fatime Berisha, who is a self advocate from the organization by and for people with intellectual disability organization (We for Ourselves) told the participants that: “Kosovo Institutions must start treating people with intellectual disabilities equally with the other citizens, since until now, the possibilities for people with intellectual disabilities to be integrated in the community, to be employed and to have an independent living were very low.”
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Present at this event, were representatives of the public institutions, international embassies, representatives of the civil society, Kosovo media, students, as well as self advocates with intellectual disabilities and their family members.

This report represents a part of a broad regional report on the position of people with intellectual disabilities in southeastern Europe. The full report has been compiled by members of three organizations – Kosovo Mental Disability Rights Initiative (K-MDRI), Union of Organizations for Support to the People with Intellectual Disability of B&H, SUMERO, and Mental Disability Rights Initiative of Serbia. Regional cooperation of these three organizations have commenced as part of the Balkan Network for Social Inclusion, coordinated by People in Need.

The report has been published in the English and Albanian Language.For the report copy please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or download at:


Last Updated on 31 July 2012

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